Friday, May 27, 2011

I didn't...

break any bones, nor did I bounce with any grace. It's been a long time (10 years if I'm recollecting correctly) since I hit the ground from the top of a horse. Until yesterday.

I was in "hot pursuit" of a wayward cow, jumping creeks and sagebrush, having a great time... I don't know what happened next... did we jump a sagebrush and I fouled my horse somehow? He's a colt, in experience if not in age, and is still a bit on the green side. I must have bumped him, but he jumped up and sideways again and I knew I was off. I concentrated on getting my left foot out of the stirrup. It did come, but not until I was somewhat below it. I landed on my pelvis/lower back. My horse continued on at a high rate of speed over the horizon.

There were no witnesses, the Cowgirls, and our summer intern, Shane, were all over the hill, and the Rancher was down the road shoeing the neighbor's horse. So I reached in my pocket for my cell phone and called him to say I was laying on my back in the meadow at the top of the canyon. He was not pleased. I was up and moving before I got off the phone with him. He, being done with the neighbor's horses, drove up the road and found my horse about half way home. The Biggest Cowgirl came riding over the hill to find her mom afoot with no horse in sight. Like a trooper she eased on around the cows and got them turned before they headed down the canyon. I caught up with her and we got them back over the hill in the direction we wanted them. She kept with them and soon disappeared in the pine trees. I spied the other two cowgirls and the intern and hollered for them. They, too, were surprised to see Mommy without a horse. I doubled up with the Littlest Cowgirl, and off we went to help sis with the cows. After quite a bit more effort we got them through the gate, where we found the Rancher, sitting on my horse!

Thankfully, there was ibuprophen in the pick-up and I got to drive the pick-up home! All's well that end's well, and hey, it got me to post on my blog again!!


Melanie T. said...

I'm so glad you are okay. I'm sure you'll have all sorts of fun reminiscing about this with the grandkids one day!

Millie said...

Glad you are okay and there was not cactus to 'cushion' your landing.

roger said...

Ah yes--leaving the back of a horse without really wanting to. I can well remember my last time many years ago To this day I don't know what made him go crazy while I was remounting. Never really hit the saddle--just some air!!!

Pastor Sterle

SuAnn said...

Thankfully no one was there to see it! It's good to know that the cowgirls are so capable to pick up the slack. Mom and the gang had a great time and loved your place last week! Thanks so much for the hospitality. You guys are the best!
Love ya all!
SuAnn and Gordon