Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I love my husband!

And he must love me, because he kindly laughs at my (mis)adventures! Like the day before yesterday when a friend from church came out to have the Rancher show him the chores that he will be doing next week while we run away on a family vacation to AZ! Said friend's wife (who is of course also a friend) came in to visit with me in the house. We were discussing the decor when I lamented once again about my carpet and how I wished that there was hardwood floors underneath, as would be befitting a ranch house of the age of this one (Built in the 20's I think). So I said, "Ya know, I really shoud pull up a corner of the carpet in the living room and see if the floor in here is different from the floor in the dining room" (where I had already discovered plywood). I did, and happy day!!!! there was hardwood!

Well, then I issued the challange to my friend. "You know if (other crazy friend from church) was here, we'd have this carpet out in the next ten minutes." Come to find out I have more than one crazy friend from church! She took the challange and we started cutting and ripping out carpet. Oh how proud the Rancher was going to be! New floors and very little expense!

**It must be noted here, that the plan to remove the carpet and put in new hard floors (wood or laminate) had already been discussed and all partties were agreeable.

I was basking in the glow of polished harwood, when the next tug on the carpet revealed...... plywood. About half way across the room the floor changes to wall-to-wall plywood. UGH! Now I started to sweat! What would the Rancher say when he came back to find heaps of carpeting on the porch and the naked half hardwood/half plywood living room floor! We finished ripping out carpet, but I was nervous! Finally I called the Rancher on his cell phone, so he wouldn't get the surprise visually... Blessed man just laughed at me! That cheerful, loving, I feel for you, you big goofball, laugh. I love my husband!

So, for my friends far away who wish to help me now with my dilema and wanted photos... here we go. And for my friends who were hoping for beautiful ranch pictures... maybe next time!