Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's not that I lack subject matter....

But lately I've had so much blog worthy subject matter that I've frankly been too worn out to blog!
  • Friends and fellow "Martin Loopers" visiting.
  • A snakebit horse.
  • Various calving stories.
  • The tragic and unexpected death of the snakebit horse, accompanied by a trip to the emergency room for the Littlest Cowgirl ~ this one will definitely get it's own blogpost!
  • The begining of the outdoor and Farmer's Market season for selling our grassfed beef, and Mary Ann's Beans.
  • A field trip with more Martin Loopers.
  • The Rancher's new yellow toy, er, I mean tool.
  • A visit from two of the Cowgirl's town cousins.

And those are just the BIG things... not to mention the cute things that happen or get said by the Cowgirls...

Just hang in there with me, and I'll get some of these stories told before I forget the details! LOL! But if I'm slow... it's becuase we are branding this week! Creating yet one more thing to write about!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Wow! What a week... or two! Things have really been rolling along here! After the snake event it started to rain. And rain. And rain. What a wonderful amount of moisture we recieved! Now that it has warmed up a bit, we should really grow some grass! However, the weather was not without it's challenges. It seemed as though the heifers just thought that they couldn't buckle down and do their job in the rain, and we ended up pulling several more calves. Some made it, some didn't.

Here's a little story about the "romance" of being a Ranchwife: One evening I was invited to the neighbor's for a "girls night". I was all cleaned up and ready to go (including perfume) when the Rancher called on the cell and said that we needed to get a heifer in and pull her calf. I changed my clothes and went out in the rain to help get her in. I was afoot and was quickly reminded why God made horses! By the time we got her to the corral I was wet, sweating, and tired! The Rancher roped the heifer and snubbed her to the post, then we got to work on the pulling. As we were there behind this heifer in the mud and fluids associated with birth, he looks over at me and says, "You smell really good!" I laughed, what a man! Even in the mud, rain, sweat, and slime he's my true love!
As I drove to the neighbor's I asked if he would take a picture of the sunset for my blog... and being my true love, he obliged.