Saturday, July 12, 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words....

So, I'll limit the words (a little) and post about a thousand pictures... The Rancher has been telling family and friends how "We got some great pictures, Wendi'll be posting them to her blog..." And I haven't. The guilt is more than I can take, so enjoy some photos....

This is the "cowboy crew" of the Bar Double L, although the cowgirls outnumber the cowboy! From left to right is the Redheaded Cowgirl, the Biggest Cowgirl, the Littlest Cowgirl, and the Rancher.

Another important member of the crew is, Bud. He's a 1996 model Border Collie/McNab who has covered a LOT of miles with the Rancher and I. This is him after helping us move pairs out of the north pasture, he found a shady spot to rest.

This is Blackie, she is Bud's daughter. The Ol' man still has it, 'cuz she was born on the 4th of July just two years ago! She's learning the ropes from her dad.

The dogs weren't the only ones resting after the move. This photo shows the two oldest members of the crew (well, except the Rancher and I). Woody, the black horse, was the first horse that I ever bought on my own. He was 5 months old and I was a young teenager (we're both MUCH older now!). It's pretty cool to me that the Redheaded Cowgirl is riding him and enjoying it. He's a little too arthritic to carry me anymore. The bald faced sorrel, is actually my mom's horse, he's 18 and we've had him around since he was three. The Rancher and I have had "custody" of him for many of those years and he has been a great asset to the crew. The Rancher is on "Peanut Butter" a mare we have owned for about a year. She's cowy, but she likes to buck occasionally.... thus, the Rancher likes her!

Fast forward a month or so, and we trailed the pairs up the mountain after branding (pictures of which are on my nephew's camera, and may or may not appear someday). This is Pastor T. riding Ace, and having a great time helping us out!

This was my first trip up the mountain since we've lived here, so I was awed, to say the least, by the scenery here in our backyard!

This picture is reminiscent of a western print my mom has in her living room, which includes a cowby resting near his horse in the forground... wonder if the artist had ever seen our ranch?

Speaking of resting cowboys!

Oh yeah, I was there too... who do ya think was taking all the pictures?