Wednesday, February 10, 2010


No, this post has nothing to do with the Super Bowl. It's about OUR TEAM!!! We hitched our two Haflinger mares to the cart today! We affectionately call them the Haffie's, which you can see pictures of in a previous post.

So first we hitched them to the cart, but since they are so much smaller than our big team of Belgians from last year... they didn't really fit. So rather than have a wreck we un hitched them. I worked with each mare driving single for a bit. Then I took Sis, the younger one out and drove her around the front pasture. The biggest cowgirl came along with the snow sled she got for Christmas, and I had Sis pull her around... pretty soon we had two sleds and three cowgirls behind her!

Then I took Sis back and drove Lil and Sis together again... all this time, the Rancher was working on shortening the tongue of the stone boat (big heavy sled) to fit the Haffies, since the cart is borrowed and the owner may not like us shortening the tongue! By the time I was driving the team back past where he was working, he was ready to hitch them.

They did very well. Lil did try to have a little run away when the sled crossed a patch of gravel, rather than the quieter snow, but the Rancher held firm and all went well.

The camera battery was dead... but it's charged now! So maybe tomorrow I'll get some pictures! They sure make a cute team!

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Melody said...

Yay! Wendi is posting! And she's posting about Halflingers! Makes me a happy girl...