Friday, October 2, 2009

The Mighty Hunter!

Today, the Redheaded Cowgirl scored a first! She's the first cowgirl to have shot a turkey! She shot it on her first shot, on opening day of turkey season! She's proud, mom and dad are proud, and the other cowgirls are proud, too!

The Rancher prepared the breast, because we had been told that the rest may be a little tough. It was delicious!!! We roasted it with a whole stick of butter (due to having skinned rather than plucked the bird) and some soup seasonings that the Biggest Cowgirl made a while back and had accidentally read the recipe as ground pepper rather than green pepper. We'd have made a pepper steak rub out of them, but for the celery in the recipe... sooo... Mary Ann's Seasoned Pepper Turkey Rub is born! YUM!!! And just in time for the holidays!
And just so you don't think we tossed the rest of the bird... the "tough" parts are in the freezer and will have a great future in a pot of Mary Ann's Rocky Mountain Cranberry Bean Soup! (Yeah, I'm always marketing!)


Anonymous said...

Wow, congratulations! And. . .yum. :)

Melody said...

Good job, Faye! It looks wonderful.

Anonymous said...


Mossback Meadow said...

Awesome, Wendy - she's such a cutie pie.
Are you going to post the soup recipe?

Melody said...

Dear Faye,
Please ask your mom to update her blog. We miss you all and want to know whassup?

Annette said...

Beautiful turkey Faye. Wendi, if you put a raw apple in the turkey while you are cooking it, it takes out the gamey taste and you can eat the whole bird.